Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fired up in Philly

PHILADELPHIA -- Thirty-five thousand people waited hours at Independence Mall to hear Barack Obama on Friday.

Today in the wee hours of election day morning some of the Obama offices had dozens of people waiting in line for assignments to get out the vote. In many communities the streets were peppered with volunteers with clip boards and packets of literature.

Most of Philadelphia is Obama territory. However there are small pockets where there has been some intimidation to keep Obama volunteers away from the polling places. Every polling place in Philadelphia has been assigned a lawyer to oversee the integrity of the election. Many of the lawyer-volunteers are from out of state.

The city is electrified over this election and there is a good chance that a strong Obama vote in Philadelphia and its immediate suburbs (which have newly become registered as a Democratic majority) will keep Clinton from claiming a two digit victory.

-- Debbie Bell

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