Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Boss Endorses Obama

By Joel Wendland

Bruce Springsteen, far and away one of the great American rockers, today announced his endorsement of Barack Obama. The Hall of Fame musician said:

"He speaks to the America I've envisioned in my music for the past 35 years, a generous nation with a citizenry willing to tackle nuanced and complex problems, a country that's interested in its collective destiny and in the potential of its gathered spirit, a place where 'nobody crowds you, and nobody goes it alone.'"

So more than anything, I guess this is a chance to talk about my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs. My favorites and why in top ten order:

10. Born in the USA – Ronald Reagan stole this song, and we're stealing it back. It is the perfect song for the bitter folk who work hard, show courage, struggle, but when it comes down to it, the politicians in Washington just don't stand up for them.

9. Living Proof – Life ain't all politics. Sometimes its personal.

8. The River – Life ain't all personal. Mostly its about forces out of your control. Having a union card and being allied with a loving partner is sometimes the best tools we have to make it through.

7. Streets of Philadelphia – the song is a poem. It speaks for itself.

6. Last to Die – Who will be the last do die for our mistake? While John McCain debates the nuances of success and failure in Iraq with himself, people are dying.

5. The Ghost of Tom Joad – "Welcome to the new world order...."

4. Dead Man Walkin' – Probes the depth of humanity that challenges the acceptability of state violence.

3. American Skin (41 shots) – The police murder of Amadou Diallo is Rudy Giuliani's real legacy as New York mayor.

2. The Rising – Made to order song for a people's campaign to change this country...

1. The Promised Land - I believe in the promised land....


Harold said...

Great list, Joel. I heartily agree with all of your choices... I really like "Point Blank" as well. And for some reason, "Human Touch" and "Better Days" always stick out to me.

Joel said...

You are so right. I think I could make a top 50 favorites.

Wally said...

Don't forget "Youngstown" - a vivid slice of U.S. working class history. "Human Touch" is indeed a great (and underrated) song. I find the tension and release in its stops and starts and its false ending electrifying. Another great song is "Tougher Than the Rest" from the album "Tunnel of Love".
Wally Brooker