Friday, April 25, 2008

Moyer's Interview with Rev. Wright

Well, basically, would we say that [except for references to the supernatural] the Rev. Wright was "right on"? I think that anyone, and that includes presidential candidates, who attack Obama for being in his church is acting in bad faith.


Anonymous said...

Reverend Wright came across as a sincere man of progressive views. People who looked at his writings on the Internet would have come to that conclusion at the beginning of this guilt by association campaign against Obama, but of course the fixed idea was there to be repeated over and over again so that it would have its effect.
Frankly it would be very interesting to look at the statements of the clergy whom Bush and the Republican right have been cultivating for so long, namely those who have called AIDS both God's vengeance against Gay Men and a Gay conspiracy to infect the non Gay population, those who who support Israeli policies as a precursor to Armageddon and the end of the material world, those who proclaim Holy Wars against Muslims as the Muslim rightwing declares Holy Wars against non Muslims, and even the ever popular across the political spectrum Dalai Lama, who in the past has praised Marxism, embraced Jesse Helms, and even at one point contended that the poor should not be angry against the rich because the rich were kind and generous(in a past life, meaning that if the poor are subservient to the rich, they will be re-incarnated as rich).
Norman Markowitz

wilfrido said...

There wasn't a thing wrong with Rev. Wright's opinions in the first place. I just worry that the US Electorate will not accept the level of progressive theology that a President's pastor espouses. Its all about strategy to me -- not Rev Wright's view of US imperialism or racism.