Friday, April 4, 2008

Discontent with Bush-McCain Policies on the Rise

A new poll by CBS/ NY Times shows that 81% of Americans see the country as on the wrong track.

A majority, about 7 in 10, identified the Iraq war, the economy, health care, and the energy crisis as the most pressing issues. Most said the government needs to play a larger role in the economy to help homeowners and to stem the loss of jobs rather than big banks. About 2 out of 3 people identified "free trade" as a problem for the country.

Only about 28% approve of the job of George W. Bush.

These poll numbers do not bode well for Republican nominee John McCain who has so closely identified himself with staying the course on George W. Bush's policies that a McCain presidency would be little more than a third Bush term.

On the major issues, McCain offers no new course in Iraq and prefers an extended occupation. He rejected any government role in the reversing the economic crash course toward recession and essentially blamed homeowners for the subprime mortgage crisis.

His health care plan is nothing more than a scheme to raise taxes on working families by requiring that health care benefits be taxed as income. In fact, he declined to meet with workers in Jacksonville, Florida who wanted to discuss their problems with the health care system. Perhaps if they had been wealthy lobbyists for the health care industry like his campaign strategist Thomas Loeffler who works for the McCain campaign and the pahrmaceutical lobby, he wouldn't have blown them off.

He is a staunch supporter of free trade and even stated that losing more jobs to free trade is alright with him.

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