Monday, November 19, 2007

What in the hell is the matter with Iowa?

By joe sims

What in the hell is the matter with Iowa? Folks out there must not be listening to the rest of America. Barack Obama is leading in a close Iowa polling contest, says the most recent Washington Post/ABC poll. Today’s (Monday, November 19th) Washington Post writes:

“Illinois Senator Barack Obama gets the support of 30 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa, compared to 26 percent for Clinton, 2.2 percent for former senator John Edwards and 11 percent for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.”

Poll results show Obama rising and Clinton slipping, with the Illinois senator showing strength on issues of Iraq and health care. Obama is even running even with Clinton among Iowa women, drawing 32 and 31 percent respectively. What is going on? All of the pundits and experienced people, including some who ought to know better, have been acting like it’s all wrapped up. One event this writer attended recently barely even mentioned Obama causing one person to ask, “Did Obama drop out of the race? Did I miss something?”

Obama’s strong showing in Iowa ought to give progressive, and left-wing working-class people reason for pause. One, it might if maintained on election day, set a new trend for other state contests. But even failing that there are important ideological issues relating to race and gender that are involved. Consider that the state is 95 percent white and only 2.3 African American. Both Obama’s and Clinton’s, strong showing there says a lot about where an important section of America stands on racism and sexism. Add Edwards strong third place and Richardson’s 4th place with 11 percent and you’ve got a very healthy trend in democratic politics (that’s with a small “d”.)

So what the hell is going on? Obama strong showing in the polls show voters looking for “new ideas” and “new direction.” And remember, the last 3 winners of the Iowa caucuses went on to win the nomination. That’s Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry. But Senator Obama will never do that, right? It appears that some are out of touch and don’t have their ears to ground, either that or Iowa’s not listening.

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Anonymous said...

You say Edwards has 2.2% in Iowa-- do you mean 22%?