Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update on ANC Leadership Race

By Joe Sims

The Women's Section of the ANC on Monday gave the nod to Jacob Zuma as their preferred candidate for president of South Africa's leading political party. In yesterday's blog on the subject, it was suggested that their preference might be current ANC president, Thabo Mbeki. Zuma now has the lead in 6 provinces as compared to Mbeki's four. The choice of Zuma by the Women's League is surprising both because of their recent resolution calling for a female candidate and also lingering doubts about a rape charge that the ANC deputy president was acquitted of last year.

South African news reports indicate that Mbeki has said he is still very much in the race, notwithstanding provincial meetings over the weekend and the choice of the Women's League. Clearly a dramatic new chapter in South African politics is opening.

1 comment:

John M. said...

"Lingering doubts?" What doubts? Zuma admitted he forced himself on the woman because he "knew" she wanted him to because her skirt was so short.

The state of leadership in the ANC has clearly declined if they have to choose between a rapist and a President who tolerates an AIDS denialist as a health minister.