Friday, November 23, 2007

Action in France: More to Come

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Trains/Subways suspend Strike; Students Continue; Judges and Lawyers Prepare for Strike

Mick Tolochko

Under pressure from their leadership, the CGT local leadership in the Paris Metro and on the railroads has agreed to suspend their strike until the middle of December. The agreement was reached when the Sarkozy government agreed to meet and negotiate with leadership of CGT and other labor federations.

A leader of the CGT Paris metro union made it clear that this was a �suspension.� He said if the negotiations do not go as they wish, the strike would commence again. This time the strike would be at the very center of holiday shopping season.

The stakes are large: Sarkozy�s goal is to extend by 3 to 5 years the age when retirement is possible; and to reduce the pensions by as much as 20%.

Reports from various sources indicate great frustration from the workers in railroads and subways that they struck for 10 days and gained nothing.


University students are still blocking the entrances of over 46 university sites effectively closing those schools. This is over half of the universities.

And, 30 to 40 high schools in Paris are closed by striking students.

Judges and Lawyers

With the threat of closing of 30% of courts, judges and lawyers will be demonstrating next Tuesday against the Sarkozy government.

Royal No Help

Nicholas Sarkozy�s Socialist Party opponent, Sigoney Royal, in the elections last presidential May made it clear that she does not oppose his goals, just his methods of gaining them. She just says that he is too harsh.

Stay tuned. Clearly the strategic patience of local unions and their members will have more to say about the final agreements that are reached by their leadership with the Sarkozy government. And, in upcoming congresses of the labor federations, they will have even more to say.

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