Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Labor Unity in France Destroying Sarkozy's Vision

Mike Tolochko

Labor Unity in France Destroying Sarkozy's Vision

The unity of the French labor movement is destroying the vision that Nicholas Sarkozy and his corporate leaders had for France. A France whose workers work longer and have 30% cut in pensions is part of their vision. The French workers, students [university and high schoolers] and their unions have another vision.

Trying to use his election victory as a springboard, Sarkozy has challenged French workers and students and they are more than meeting that challenge. Sarkozy's popularity poll was 71% three weeks ago, the numbers are now 51%, dropping 5% in the last three days.

Amid very confusing reports from the commercial, international media the gas, electric and public servants joined striking transport and transportation union today, Tuesday, the advanced warned national day of striking. CNN, BBC, and Reuters are offering very poor reports of the events. The reports keep saying the much less than the 100% of workers in each of these sectors are on strike, but then they have to add, the whole systems are shut down.

65% of all universities are shut down; and the high schoolers are similarly on strike.

The words from my French Connection is "this is Very Big." There is no need to compare to the strikes of ten years ago, these are in different times, but they are very bid.

Jean Solbes a university instructor and member of the CGT Executive for High Education from Montpellier University are also on strike. He reported that, after saying he would not meet with all the unions, Sarkozy caved in and a national meeting is planned for tomorrow, Wednesday.

Solbes said that the next question, "How to Continue?"

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