Sunday, November 25, 2007

Film review: I'm Not There

Eric Greene

I'm Not There [A Personal Memoir of Bob Dylan]

Written and Directed by Todd Haynes [Co-writer Oren Moveman]
November 21, 2007 Release Date in NYC

The only way Bob Dylan fan can tolerate this film is by repeating time and time again the advice of the film's Co-lead writer and director, Todd Haynes: These are my personal feelings and observations of the Bob Dylan phenomena.

For those seeing, like me, the film who lived the entire public life of Bob Dylan, and still do, you have to keep those thoughts always at the forefront. By doing that you can really enjoy the wonderful acting performances by an array of creative performers who clearly assembled to be part of this major film event. The film is selling out all through NYC.

For me, the film performance of the highly successful folk singer Dylan soon to be rock performer with his first English performances by Cate Blanchette was nothing short of amazing. Her facial and body rhythm is Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.

Haynes started off the film with a great performance by a youthful African-American actor, Marcus Carl Franklin, playing the early years of hobo Woody Guthrie. Casting Franklin in this key role was pure genius.

Julianne Moore's Joan Baez is perfectly casted and performed. Other Dylan period performances by Christian Bale and Heath Ledger are on the mark and true to the period of time of the Dylan world.

The actual names of Dylan, Baez, etc are not used in the film. Only Guthrie's name is used.

But, if your looking for a Bob Dylan film that explains more of this life and times you would do better to see the Martin Scorsese great film "No Direction Home." In that film, Dylan himself explains many parts of his life.

But, if your looking for a film to hear some of Dylan's best songs and see some great performances, don't miss this one. Just don't get too bent out of shape if the on-screen film doesn't conform to what you would like to see.

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