Wednesday, May 9, 2007

White House Lies about Kansas National Guard Requests

According to Think Progress, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow is fibbing again.

While Bush is off pretending he cares about working-class people in Greensburg, KS, Snow plaid the blame game.

In the aftermath of the tornado disaster that destroyed the town and took at least 11 lives, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius said that her state lacked adequate National Guard resources to aid in such disasters.

Everyone knows that massive deployment of National Guard equipment and troops to the occupation of Iraq is mainly responsible.

Lack of concern by the Bush administration is also responsible.

Snow claimed that the White House knew of no "prior complaints" about this situation and blamed Sebelius for the problem, saying if only she'd asked for the right equipment.

As the Think Progress post points out, Sebelius had requested additional resources from the Bush administration several times going back to 2005.

Further evidence that incompetent Bush cronies and campaign backers get what they want while working people get trashed.

--Joel Wendland

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