Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Breaking: GOP members of Congress warn Bush on Iraq

According to several media sources including UPI and MSNBC News, 11 Republican members of Congress secretly visited President Bush earlier this week to express grave doubts about his leadership of the war.

According to the stories, the Congresspersons told Bush that he had lost credibility with the American public and that reports on the war should come from General Petraeus instead of him.

"We need candor. We need honesty, Mr. President," one of them reportedly said.

"There is no longer any credibility," one congressman reportedly said.

Questions about Bush's credibility sharpened after last week's veto of a congressional funding bill that would have set a date to bring the troops home on the fourth anniversary of his declaration of "mission accomplished" in Iraq.

Bush claimed "progress" and "success" in Iraq, despite April 2007 being the 6th deadliest month for US troops in the entire war.

Tim Russert of MSNBC News reported the story as possibly "a defining, pivotal moment."

Bush reportedly played partisan politics by saying that he didn't want to pass the war off to a Democratic president, an indication that he doesn't want the war to end.

All of the Democratic candidates have vowed to end it.

See Russert's report here.

--Joel Wendland

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