Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Right Wing Prevails in France

Well, this time the polls were pretty much on target;

Zarkozy  53 percent;  Royal  47 percent

At dinner tonite, among French Communists, the conversations were at first sort of fatalistic.

Joking about inheriting George Bush.

But; then the discussion got heated; and; the struggle, in the streets, militancy rose to the top.

Everyone agreed that the first attack would come against the unions.   Zarkozy made it clear in his program that he intends to limit the right to strike, as was done in England.

In conversations with union leaders a few days ago, they made it clear that they are ready to stand their ground.

The first 100 days is Zarkozy's goal to take action.

This coresponds with the French wide parlimentary elections in June.

In Royal's speech she thank and urged great support for women and left people.Her eye is on the next Parlimentary elections;  where the socialist party will be fighting against the Zarkozy party and the new Bayrou party; he is the right winger who got 18 percent in the first round.

Stay Tuned!

There is a lot to learn in the upcoming US presidential election from the Zarkozy attack on peoples rights.    The Republican and Democratic parties think tanks are hard at work.  The left and progressive forces need to do the same.


Mike Tolochko



Anonymous said...


Mike, if the majority of French people are working people how can the Right be winning. What is wrong with our philosophy? What are the communists doing to only get 2% of the votes? If reality and truth are reflected in peoples brains does this mean that French Marxist thought is only 2% accurate. How can you build a movement if you are 98% out of tune with reality?

Anonymous said...

You are asking the very questions that will be discussed at the next French Communist Party Congress which is taking place in November or December, 2007.
The future of the Socialist Party is certainly up in the air;
The direction, not the future, of the FCP is being discussed by every comrade in the country....there are still about 100,000 left from the heady days of the early 1980s when the Party's strength was about 600,000 and 15 % of the vote.
Thank you for writing.