Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Unable to Campaign on Issues, Cuban Cigar Smoker Fred Thompson Attacks Michael Moore

Michael Moore has become a favorite target for Republican candidates who can't talk about issues that appeal to working families. Presumptive candidate Fred Thompson is only the latest comer.

Relying on his acting fame to vault his bid for the Republican nomination for president, Thompson has yet to outline where he stands on any issues – except that he hates Michael Moore.

In an article for the ultra-right rag National Review, Thompson failed to outline his vision for national health care, but instead accused Moore of lying and perpetuating "myths" about Cuba's health care system in his upcoming documentary "Sicko" due to be released June 29th.

Of course Thompson hasn't seen the film. He is one of those types who just knows something is wrong even if he hasn't seen it.

Thompson's imaginary claims about how effective the US health care system is probably stem from the fact that his personal wealth and celebrity have meant that he has never had to wait for or postpone his cancer treatments in order to buy groceries, pay bills, buy medical care for his children or pay for any of the other inevitable financial emergencies that come up for working families.

Thompson's a lucky guy. The fact that he isn't interested in spreading his luck around a little with a better system of health care in the US means he's pretty much a dick and cares nothing for working families.

Thompson proceeded to fabricate the myth of the US system "that actually delivers health care," neglecting to remind his readers that half of all bankruptcies occur due to the failure to be able to afford health care and that thousands dies due to the lack of access to health care.

Thompson irresponsibly neglected to discuss the difficulty working families have in affording insurance, with 47 million people in this country without it and over 80 million who lack adequate coverage.

Thompson also refused to discuss the fact that everyone in Cuba gets medical care free, that teaching medicine is the number one priority of the Cuban education system, and that Cuba's breakthroughs in medical science and technology even have US scientists racing down there to learn more.

Thompson could only launch personal attacks.

When Moore invited Thompson to actually debate the US health care system,Thompson backed off, citing a lack of time and proceeded to imply that Michael Moore needs mental health care. (Thompson's use of mentally ill or disabled people to mock Moore is utterly offensive.)

Of course Thompson is afraid to talk about real issues. He is certainly afraid he will be embarrassed by Moore in a real discussion about the needs of working families.

After the Bush campaign "swift boated" Kerry in 2004 for similar reasons, what did you expect?

Thompson should stop campaigning against Moore. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker isn't even in the race.

Maybe he should be.

--Joel Wendland

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