Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bush Administration Targets Michael Moore for Cuba Trip

The Office of Foreign Assets Control, a branch of the US Treasury Department, is investigating filmmaker Michael Moore.

OFAC's job, among other things, is to track the financial transactions of international terrorists.

But since Bush took office, its main role has been to target US citizens who have gone to Cuba. In fact, OFAC has more people investigating "criminals" like Moore and other tourists because they went to Cuba than it does investigating Al Qaeda's money trails.

Bush doesn't like Cuba. Some believe he "won" Florida in 2000 and 2004 because of his outspoken hatred for Cuba and the policies he has implemented to punish people who travel to Cuba.

Ironically, the Bush administration's criticism of North Korea for human rights violations included the charge that that country restricts the freedom of travel.

Moore went to Cuba last March with 10 people who got sick as a result of their work at Ground Zero after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Moore sought to contrast the refusal of the government to provide for these workers and the general profit-motivated health care system in the US that fails tens of millions of people each year with the free, advanced universal system of health care in Cuba.

This trip was filmed for Moore's upcoming documentary on the US health system titled "Sicko.":

You can weigh in on the health care system in the US here:

And you can demand that Congress restore the freedom to travel to Cuba here:

--Joel Wendland

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