Sunday, September 13, 2009

Transit System in Mexico D.F.

by Mike Tolochko

To travel on the el Metro, the Subway, in Mexico D.F. the ticket price is just 2 pesos each ride. Given the current rate so 13 pesos for 1 U.S. dollar, the cost is very low. For bus travel the ride could be 2,3, or 4 pesos. These are fare prices that the working class can handle. And, the 20 or so million people living in Mexico D.F. practically all use the public transit system.

el Metro

The Metro dates from 1962. Each train has 9 cars and each are painted a brilliant red/orange. There is almost no graffiti. All the lines, and the system is very big, run on rubber wheels with the exception on one line that is steel while on steel track. The trains are very fast.

Platforms are all straight. There are no conductors o the trains. Women and men share the title of Train Operator.

Ventilation needs to be improved in general, but particularly during rush hours.

All stations are modern and kep quite clean.


There is practically every form of bus.

In the City, regular looks buses are used. The BRT, Bus Rapid Transit lines, not sure what they are called here, are kept clear for buses and the system works. There are articulated buses as well as rather small, half the size of a regular bus, that move around the out areas of the City.

City buses in the city are mostly modern, while the smaller buses, like jitneys, are rather old.

There are electrically drive buses inthe BRT lanes.

Moving millions of workers, daily, around Mexico D.F. isnt easy, but they seem to be doing a very good job. There is a lot to learn.

Oh Yes, the workers are unionized.