Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Reviews – New detective fiction

One Good Turn
by Kate Atkinson
Little Brown/Back Bay

A is For Alibi
by Sue Grafton
1982/New Edition 2005
St Martin Paperback

reviewed by Eric Green

Here are two books that can add to your end of Summer reading pleasure.

Both are mystery novels and have featured detectives; one is from L.A. and the other Scotland.

Both are written by women.

The Atkinson book continues her novel to mystery move with the ascendancy of Jackson Brodie as the dectective; and, the Grafton book is a purely detective book with Kinsey Millhone as her main character.

The former takes place in Scotland and the latter deep in world of L.A. and its surroundings

Kate Atkinson continues her amazing ability to bring many characters into the main and subplots; all of whom are important to the full story. In this book, she is a little more direct than in previous novel/mysteries. She is a remarkable writer.

Sue Grafton, after this 1982 mystery, went on to become a very successful writer. Her unique aspect is that she begins all of her books with letters in the alphabet. So, this is the first A is for Alibi. She is about to complete the full alphabet.

The reader learns a lot about the life and culture of both Scotland - Edinburgh and Los Angeles.

Jackson Brodie, Atkinson s detective is trying to retire and lead a simple life, but gets drawn back into detective work.

Kinsey Millhone, on the other hand, is a young, aggressive detective who has a no holds bar attitude, in her detective work and personal life. That Millhone´s character is in first person doesn't stop her from being direct in her personal relations.

Enjoy both books.