Monday, September 7, 2009

Small Towns Demonstrate in Big City; H1N1 measures being taken

Pueblo Workers and FAmilies Demand Better Streets in Small Towns
Public Health Measures Being Taken Against H1N1

by Mike Tolochko

Pueblo City is the Capital of the State of Pueblo. Small towns outside the big city of Pueblo, 4 million strong, often don t get the same services as those in the City.

Today, a couple of hundred workers and families from a town just outside Pueblo City demonstrated for better streets. The demonstration took place outside the State government offices.

As anyone traveling to Mexico, or probably any place around the world, the sight of people in the streets with loud horns, flags and placards is not unusual.

In that case this was not unusual, but they certainly made their point. They shutdown streets and got everyone´s attention at noon today.


Also, all through Pueblo and its bus station; Oaxaca and its bus station; and the streets of both large cities the cleaning up is very apparent. Headlines make it clear. Mexico is taking every measure to protect is people against the possibility of the return of H1N1 in the Fall.

But, one article made it clear that while every step is taking place, there is a deep unfairness being perpetrated against Mexico. "The Swine flu caused 164 deaths in three months in Mexico, where tobacco-related illnesses kill that number every day."

The schools are a special focus of public health workers.

And, article after article, emphasized that Mexican officials in the public health departments shared all information with international agencies. The Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization reported allthrough 2009 that they were more than pleased with the cooperation.

With this kind of cooperation and basic public measures such as regular hand washing, cleaning all surfaces and similar measures, the fears of a Fall outbreak might not be realized.

Stay tuned.