Friday, September 11, 2009

Mexico's Revolutionary World


by Mike Tolochko

First visit is to the Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico to the most famous and among the most revolutionary artists in Mexico and the world: Orozco, Rivera and Sequeiros. There on the 2nd Floor is the amazing mural that Rivera did for Rockefeller in the early 1930s and Rockefeller had destroyed because of Rivera's pro working class, pro union and anti imperialist, anti capitalist content. Well there is in an official Mexican government museum for all to see. Then you have the anti war, anti imperialist murals of Siqueiros and Orozco. There are just a few of the murals and are on display throught Mexico.

Frida Kahlo House

On the way to Frida Kahlo´s home, we travelled on the very efficient metro system. It moves millions of peole each day. The fair is just 20 pesos....well less than a dollar. It is clean and very nice. The 9 car trains run on rubber wheels.....using a third rail for power.

The buses outside of Mexico D.F. are a real trip. There are hundreds of them, but like NYC they are hard to understand. Everyone locally is eager to help.

An engineering student told me about his studies. He spoke English. At the end of our brief discussion he welcomed me to Mexico.

Arrving at Frida Kahlo´s home was a real major political and cultural experience.

Recolutionary Commitment Preserved

Unlike the Piccaso Museo in Paris where the Communist and left win cultural icon is being turned in to just a cultural icon, Frida´s history and commitments are well preserved.

Frank Lloyd Wright´s letter to Rivera is paraphrased "But, I want to assure you, and your Mexico of my undying loyalty and affection. I wish I could see more of both of you." Dec. 12, 1952. The Rivera´s were visitors to Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, Wright's masterpiece of archtecture.

The first room is filled with paintings by Kahlo in 1954. Two really great paintings. And, this the year she died. Her strength and determination was amazing.

In that room was a painting of Josef Stalin, for example. As anyone familiar with Kahlo knows, she was a Communist til the day she died.

The museum/home is filled with Rivera and Kahlo paintings and comments about each other.

There is a news clipping from the early 1930s, of Diego Rivera speaking at Columbia University opposing the firing of Donald Henderson, an avowed Communist and University teacher.

In her bed room, above her head board is a framed pictures, all in one frame of, MARX, ENGELS, LENIN, STALIN AND MAO. Is is the same bed that she spent so many agonizing days suffering from her crippling accident that took place years before.

Mexico D.F. -City- is a giant museum itself. It would take many weeks and months to adequately see and absorb its treasurers.

Kahlo´s work room, where she and Rivera painted, there is an unfinished portrait of Joseph Stalin.

Her person library had books of all kinds. James Jones, From Here to Eternity and many others.


Tonite we visit the Cafe Apollo where Pancho Via and Emeliano Zappata would meet and plan their activities.

Yes, a right wing government rules Mexico today and the PRI which ruled it for decades have decided the fate of the 120 million Mexicans, with over 75% being in poverty, but the day of reckoning will be coming. No Doubt.