Saturday, September 5, 2009

Total Teachers Victory in Oaxaca

Total TEACHERS Victory in Oaxaca

Mike Tolochko

After one day, last Monday, of demonstrating at the State Government offiices in Oaxaca City, and, three days of a teachers strike, Tuesday through Thursday, the State Government has agreed to recognize Union, known as Sections, 22 as the only union representing teachers in all of Oaxaca. The phoney Union 59 will be disbanded/disolved. In the agreement between Union 22 and the State Government jobs will be found for those workers.

All government, public schools and related activities were halted for those four days.

There seemed to be strong public support for these actions. There was certainly inconvenience, but that seemed to understood as a necessary thing.

This is a complete victory for Teachers Union 22 and the workers and people of Oaxaca; and, it will put to rest this backward episode that precipitated the uprising of the year 2006.

Also, the Mayor of the town, outside of Oaxaca, where one of series of demonstratoins took place last Friday, August 30th, that initiated this series of mass actions, would be removed from office. Either an election will take place to replace the Mayor or by constitution of the town, a succession will take place from another elected official.

The Mayor is the chief suspect in the killing of a teacher and wounded two others in that demonstration. The two wounded teachers are still in serious condition.

The investigation of the Mayor and other accomplices is continuing.

Stay tuned.