Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hillary TV


normanmarkowitz said...

Actually Ronald Reagan did it a little better when he stole a line from Tom Paine in 1980 and said "we can make the world "new again." "A new beginning" was also a Reagan slogan. "I hear you" and "I feel your pain" is also what conventional politicians have said through American history.
There are better candidates, particularly for those of us who are for socialism and those of us who support would used to be called liberal Democratic politics, programs like National Health Insurance, a "Marshall Plan" for the cities, a "transfer amendment" to cut the military budget and shift the funds for social spending, concrete things that you can support, not trust me, I hear you and feel your pain.

Joel said...

I disagree. I don't think the frontrunners in the Democratic Party are very different at all. I think there may be varying degrees of minor differences, but as we know from history, whichever Democrat is elected will have to be fought on foreign policy issues by the peace movement and the people's movement generally.

Additionally, on the subject of universal health care, none of the frontrunning Dems support single-payer, not-for-profit, Medicare-for-all health care. So what will happen? There will be a struggle to pass some sort of mixed universal health care that will not be socialized medicine (despite the ultra right blather that will inevitably be spouted) but will provide coverage for millions of people who don't have it now. That will be a great victory!

Also, I think all of the Dems are committed to signing the employee free choice act, which above all other items on the progressive agenda may be the most important in terms of the long range strength of the working class as a whole as well as the all-peoples' coalition. Some economists estimate that fifty million workers could be organized in a very short period of time. Hello!

Also, it is pretty clear why Sen. Clinton takes some positions that aren't the clearest or the furtherest on the left. She projects US power because sexism in our society demand that she do so if she wants to be a viable candidate. That's a fact jack. Why should she have to give up ambition to be president just because male supremacy gives John Edwards a free ride on foreign policy?

And I don't want to dismiss her for the same reasons why so many right-wing jerks call her "Hitlery."

And remember, if she wins the nomination, everyone is going to have to be out there fighting to get her elected.