Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clinton Win: Obama Strong Second, Edwards Blowout

By Joe Sims

John Edwards seemed to be blown out of the presidential contest today while Senator Hillary Clinton received a boost to her campaign winning the Nevada caucuses. It appeared that Clinton won 50 percent of the vote, with Illinois’ Barrack Obama garnering 45 percent. Press reports that Edwards came in at very distant third. (I wonder if those numbers are correct, as poll numbers before today had Clinton with a much more comfortable lead. If the numbers hold up, it looks like a very bad day for Edwards, which might be good news for Obama, were Edwards “Do the Right Thing” as Dennis K did Iowa, but that’s doubtful). Voting at polling places along the Las Vegas strip designed for casino workers appeared to be light.

The Canadian Press reports that;

“Clinton was favored by women and older voters, while blacks and younger people backed Obama. Clinton was also popular among Catholics, wealthier voters and those who have made priorities of health care and experience in a candidate.”

The Daily Kos had this to report:

87.41 percent of precincts reporting:
Clinton 50.74
Obama 45.12
Edwards 3.79

Daily Kos also remarked that Edwards numbers are in teens in his home state but speculated that if he drops, out Obama might not benefit, because in his opinion Hillary Clinton is running to his left. I don’t agree with that, however, it might be true when talking about the response to the coming recession. In any event, the election now turns to South Carolina where Obama expects a big lift as African American voters, encouraged by the Iowa and New Hampshire contests, now see the youngest presidential hopeful as electable.

Both Clinton and Obama picked up delegates in Nevada, so the race is still close. 20025 is the magic number at the Democratic Party convention. Maybe someone should start a draft Edwards to dropout movement. What do you think?

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