Thursday, January 24, 2008

It’s not race vs. gender

By Terrie Albano, People's Weekly World,

Everyone's talking about it. Race. Gender. Who injected what first.

Especially Bill Clinton.

And that's where gender and race inequality come together.

It isn't about gender vs. race. Black women experience both racism and sexism intertwined.

There are many commonalities to both oppressions.

But that's not what Clinton-type politics want to talk about. No they want to do anything to win.

It's about Bill Clinton using racism to be the most sexist campaigner in the country.

This white guy is defending "his" woman against a Black guy. (It must really go over well in South Carolina…can't you just hear it… appeal, appeal appeal to the Emmett-Till-was-lynched-for-whistling-at-a-white-woman and wife-is-my-property-therefore-I-must-uphold-her-honor ideas…).

It's all about Bill. He's enjoying it. He's in the limelight again. "Sure I'll sign all your autographs...I'm loving this."

That's a sure sign of male supremacy…all about you, sir.

In Iowa, when he went on the stump, he spoke about "me, me, me" so much Hillary campaigners were afraid he forgot about "she, she, she."

Yet Hillary laps it up. And shame on her for it. Thought you found your voice? But it sounds just like Bill's. Anything to win, eh. You suffered a lot with that man of yours so you feel this is owed you, huh Hillary?
Guess you won't be dumping him anytime soon like so many of us hoped you would.

But this is worse than "Monica Lewinsky." Instead of cheating on and embarrassing your wife, again, you are cheating and embarrassing the whole country. And white, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American - all races and ethnicities - are disgusted by it.

And so are women.

It's all about the issues, some may say. Well aren't racism and sexism issues? Isn't it fair game to say we need a leader that won't pander, or give a wink and a nod to, the worst of our devils? I think it is.

We want leaders that will appeal to our better angels. Ones who take the high road. Let the GOP take the low road.

Hillary must be betting that once she claws her way to the top, the pro-Democrats coalition has no where else to go. And that may be right. But if that happens, madam president, you will have a really unruly bunch to rule. And tearing up won't get you too many more votes in Congress.

Keep strong, Barack and Michelle Obama. Don't feed the beast.


normanmarkowitz said...

What a world! Bill Clinton, the most conservative Democratic president in the 20th century(Woodrow Wilson was by far the most racist in either party) raising these issues! After all the nonesense of Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky. Edwards of the major candidates is still running best on the issues, but the more the Clintons try to turn this primary battle into a crude soap opera, the better Obama looks.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the Communist Party was in Clinton's corner throughout his presidency.