Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama wins big in South Carolina

This just in from Tim Wheeler, national political correspondent, People's Weekly World:

Sen. Barack Obama won big in South Carolina. It was a huge turn out of voters, especially among African American voters. I think it broke records. The Black vote was very solid vote for Obama – somewhere around 89 percent. And the size of the support among white voters was good: about 24 percent. It really showed that people are fed up with the Clinton tactics and they really backfired. The size of the support of white voters - in a three-way race is significant.

The Obama people are over the moon. I was at a precinct some four or five miles outside of Columbia, mainly a rural area. And it was a steady stream of voters all day. Overwhelmingly African American voters. There was a feeling of victory in the air.

I'm at the Obama headquarters and you can hear the cheering all over. It's really very exciting.

[Stay tuned for next week's episode of PA Radio when we interview Tim Wheeler about his reporting from South Carolina.]


Anonymous said...

great to hear from you Tim on the spot--go Tim!

Green Bolshevik said...

Show us your Democratic Party card, Tim.

Anonymous said...

Show us any kind of card "green bolshevik"