Friday, January 25, 2008

2007: Good Year for Union Membership Growth

In a jump that was the largest since 1979, labor union membership grew by 311,000 workers in 2007, and union density grew from 12.0% to 12.1%. And 201,000 were women workers. This is great news for working families, because it means better pay and benefits for workers. It means more economic security for working families. It also means having a voice at work and bigger political muscle to affect real change. And all of this took place in an atmosphere where the federal machinery has been arrayed against working people by the Bush administration.

It is bad news for Bush and the Republicans – and the "McRombee" they seem intent on nominating to pick up Bush's mantle after him. Because, as we'll talk about in an upcoming podcast for Political Affairs Radio, labor is preparing a huge mobilization to focus on the right issues, working families issues: universal health care, real job growth, union rights, real safety and health oversight, fair trade, and revitalizing our manufacturing sector and more in the upcoming election.

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