Friday, April 13, 2007

Paradox or Dialectical Explanation?

Test your powers of analysis. The Democrats, the mass media reports, don't want to have a presidential hopefuls debate on Fox News because they think Fox is biased. But the Hightower Report, in its current issue, lists the contributions all the major corporations made to the two parties in the 2006 election. Fox gave 55% of its contributions to Democrats! The empirical evidence indicates that Fox is biased-- towards Democrats. Which choice below to you think is correct?

[a] The Hightower Report is a front for Fox News.
[b] Since there is no difference between Dems and Repubs, Fox gave 100% to the imperialists. Fox is happy.
[c] Dems don't want to deal with biased news organizations no matter who they are biased for.
[d] Fox wants to confuse liberals to increase the Green Party vote.
[e] This is a paradox, I can't figure it out!
[f] None of the above. There is a dialectical explanation which I (the reader) will give in the comments section.

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Joel said...

Since choices A and B are both ridiculous, and C and D require a conspiracist outlook, E and F seem to be the only options. I am looking forward to your version F.