Sunday, April 8, 2007

The American People Are Pissed Off

I just watched Sunday NBC News-- the polls show 57% of the American people are pissed off at the way the Democrats in Congress are treating the war in Iraq. Thank goodness that 64% are pissed off at Bush. I think we should rally around our slogan
"Out Now." Leave it to the Democrats-- by 2008 they will be neck on neck with their fellow monopoly capitalists the Republicans!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Count me as one of those "pissed off" Dems. against the sickening DLC Democrats, with Kucinich and others being notable exceptions.

How pathetic!

They don't fight to stop a war based on the big lie. No! They want to manage the killing. Their August 2008 date to withdraw the troops was a disgusting attempt to appear patriotic. A date well-timed for the November 2008 elections.

In this 21st century, I see the seeds of radical transformation
of foreign policy -- one based on peace and justice. I see "We the People" once again uniting around "No Taxation Without Representation!"

Peace With Justice,
Phoenix, Az.

Ron Poma said...

I disagree. Congress is the only institution of power that has the ability to stop Bush. Attacking Dems for the war Bush started seems rather fruitless to me.