Tuesday, April 3, 2007

GW Bush: A "Child" Left Behind?

Bush responded today to the Democrats legislation tying Iraq occupation
funding to a withdrawal timetable by threatening to veto the legislation
and then blaming the Democrats for failing to fund the troops.

This reminded me of a nasty little kid who throws a tantrum when he is
told that he must clean up the mess he's made if he is to be permitted
to watch TV, blaming the adults for not catering to him.

What ever happened to personal responsibility, discipline, not playing
the "blame game" and all those other principles that conservatives trot
out to attack their critics on social justice issues? Let's take some
classic conservative clichés and apply them to George W.

Conservatives organize groups in defense of "family values" and condemn
"liberal permissiveness."
Sometimes kids really are harmed by neglect and even permissiveness.
Sometimes they don't know the difference between "standing tough" and
standing stupid, like George W. But adults are supposed to help them
understand the difference.

Obviously the Bush family failed. Maybe Dad spent too much time in
Texas politics and the CIA and his other gigs to provide a proper role
model for George W(the weak absentee father) Maybe serving in the
Vietnam War instead of serving in the Texas Air National Guard(and in
Alabama) might have helped to "make a man of him."(its always better to
fight in a war you support)

George W was after all a failure in business until family influence got
him the Texas Rangers baseball team--conservatives always warn us
against failures in business as dead beats who should be avoided at all
Bush gave up booze and found God, but this didn't lead to any real
change, any intellectual or social or even serious religious interest.
In fact he continued to regress as he became governor of Texas(an easy
job to regress in) and President of the U.S., where regression can lead
to very big trouble.

How can we deal with such a president and his administration as they
continue to regress before our eyes? Instead of waiting until 2008 to
defeat them, and enduring all the damage they will do until then, we
might have the compulsory testing that Bush has demanded of elementary
school children applied to him and his administration.

Then we might remove them earlier and send them to the remedial classes
that conservatives would usually support. We might even, in the name of
national unity, throw in a little therapy and counseling that
progressives usually support, although it might be utopian to believe
that George W could really learn and improve.

Norman Markowitz

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