Friday, May 15, 2009

Theater Review: "True Story Project: Faith"

Theatre Review; True Story Project FAITH

Visible Theatre; The Parker Theatre at the Algonquin Theater; 123 East 24th Street, NYC
May 16, 21, 22,23 [Remaining Nights] $15 contribution


What is Theater? Does theater need to have one, two or three acts; or even, just alone personal performance? The answer is, of course: Yes.

Can theatre also be short performances of personal statements; "slice of life" episodes; can this also be theatre? Yes, it can.

A good example of this kind of theater is taking place at the Parker Theatre which is part of the Algonquin Theater on East 24th Street, NYC. That is, short-term, slice of life episodes. "True Story Project FAITH." The Visible Theatre produced this unusual, yes inspiring, evening of dramatic writings and readings.

The Visible Theatre produces theater productions that are not an abstract dramatic experience. As they say in their Company's Mission: "Visible Theatre creates playing fields where artists celebrate their authentic voice through process and performance, with the believe that cultivating presence and expressing our deepest humanity can empower and transform us all." Krista Smith is the Artistic Director and Co-Director of the Company.


In this production there were eleven storytellers, that is how the performer/actors are described. Each and everyone had a unique story to tell about family life and personal challenges to overcome. The actor's names are important to list: Gregg Mozgala, Angela DeMatteo, Timothy Wang, Liz Treston, Dacly Acevedo, Julia Beardsley, Xian Hern, Joe Sims, Lisa Wattenberg, and David Wagner. Each of them are accomplished actors, some get enough work to belong to Actors Equity.

Their stories include bouts with multiple sclerosis, mental illness, physical disabilities and just simple struggles with a virus, which escaped medical science and medical care.

There is still time for see this production. Don't miss it.