Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Actor Sidney Poitier: Striving For A Life Of Excellence


Morning Edition, May 20, 2009 · When Academy Award-winning actor Sidney Poitier was born, he was not expected to live. He was premature and so tiny, he could fit into his father's hand.

That was 1927, and as the family lore goes, a fortuneteller assured his mother that he would survive and one day, carry the Poitier name around the world.

Poitier's memoir, Life Beyond Measure, now in paperback, is a series of letters to his great-granddaughter Ayele, taking her back to the moments that shaped him. His chapter on people of courage ends with his own father, Reginald Poitier.

"He was honest," Poitier tells NPR's Renee Montagne. "My father was the quintessential husband and dad."

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