Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bank of America thumbs nose at taxpayers

From SEIU.org

Last week you helped take the first step towards accountability at Bank of America. With almost 100,000 "taxpayer proxy cards" signed and delivered, you made it clear that now is the time for reform.

Shareholders ousted Ken Lewis as chairman of Bank of America in an unprecedented vote. While this was a welcome change, there's much, much more to be done. Ken Lewis is still CEO, and the new Chairman, Walter Massey, has a huge responsibility to get Bank of America back on track.

I wrote a letter to Bank of America's new Chairman outlining what taxpayers expect next at Bank of America. Can you sign your name and add your voice to the letter? Click here:


Here's what Bank of America's new Chairman needs to do next:
  1. Reject the failed banking policies of the past by firing CEO Ken Lewis
  2. Commit to real financial reform
  3. Stop consumer abuses and predatory lending practices that hurt communities
  4. Provide bank workers access to affordable healthcare
  5. Stop lobbying against pro-worker legislation like the Employee Free Choice Act to ensure bank workers have a voice on the job to protect consumers.
Bank of America has already received $45 billion in TARP funds and taxpayers could be on the hook for more than $150 billion more in public assistance. No employer, especially one that receives this much taxpayer funding, should use these funds to deny employees their right to unite for a voice on the job.

Click here to add your name to my letter to Bank of America's new Chairman.