Friday, May 22, 2009

The Great New York City Bomb Plot

Thomas Riggins

Thank God for the FBI and the NYPD. If an FBI informant had not met up with four mopes (two of them mentally challenged-- low IQ and the other mentally ill--) we may never have been spared from their plot to get anti-aircraft missiles and high explosive bombs. I guess they would have gotten them at a gun show. Good work in the War Against Terrorism. Here are some details from the media.

"The plot BEGAN last June when the [FBI] informant met Cromitie [one of the mopes] at a mosque in Newburgh, according to the [police] complaint."--AP

""NO ONE was at risk," said Kelly, the police commissioner, describing the explosive devices as duds CREATED [by the authorities] to dupe the suspects." CNN

"Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said if there can be any good news out of this case it's that "the group was relatively unsophisticated, penetrated early and NOT connected to any outside group." [except the FBI of course]--AP

"Obama’s Challenge:
The alleged terrorist plot is the MOST SERIOUS in the U.S. since President Barack Obama took office in January. Obama’s PLAN to CLOSE the Guantanamo Bay military prison has raised CRITICISM about what will happen to as many as 240 suspected terrorists, who may have to be relocated to prisons in the U.S." Bloomberg News


"Authorities have “NO evidence whatsoever” that the suspects were part of a wider plot, [Mayor Bloomberg] said." Bloomberg News

"Some have criticized informants' roles in such cases, saying they egged on and ensnared suspects who weren't dangerous".--AP-- WHAT!!! The FBI and NYPD set people up!! Perish the thought!