Monday, February 2, 2009

Pass the Recovery & Reinvestment Act

Layoffs, home foreclosures, stagnating wages, benefit cuts, bankruptcies, vanishing retirement security and more. We are facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Yet some lawmakers are playing politics with the economic recovery bill.

President Obama and Congressional leaders are pushing a recovery and reinvestment plan that addresses immediate economic needs, creates jobs and invests in the infrastructure America needs for recovery. The package could include funding for state programs that benefit working people, like extended unemployment benefits and providing health care for workers who are laid off.

But conservative activists and some lawmakers are trying to derail this legislation or weigh it down with unnecessary provisions, like costly corporate tax cuts, or requiring use of the flawed E-verify database, which discriminates against some workers and will delay getting people back to work.

URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED TO PASS a recovery bill that works, without more corporate welfare, cuts to the social safety net, or anti-immigrant requirements.

CALL YOUR SENATORS AT: (202) 224-3121