Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ten Best and Worst of Marxism for 2008

By Joe Sims


1. Marx was right! The economy crashed. Failures and stock market crashes are not a good thing, but it is a reassertion of the down phase of the cyclical crisis, providing to even some doubtful Marxists, that capitalism had not overcome periodic instability.

2. Appreciation of the all-peoples character of the movement for Change in the US.

3. Premier of movie Blindness, based on the novel by the same by Nobel prize winner, Jose Saramongo, communist of Portugal.

4. Decision of Political Affairs, Marxist monthly of politics, ideology and culture to go over to complete on-line production.

5. Transition of presidential power in Cuba. Even the best of us don’t have to die with our boots on.

6. Election of a Communist as the president of Cyprus.

7. Decision of Communist Party of China to provide medical care as part of the safety net.

8. Decision of workers in Chicago to take over factory demanding pay and winning.

9. Treaty of China and Vietnam on a common border.

10.Appearance of Marx’s Capital on the best sellers list in Japan and Germany.


1. Decisions of some Communist Parties to continue to expel members. People, this is not a church – stop with the excommunication!

2. Execution by the state. Some ruling Communist Parties continue to use capital punishment. Socialism is supposed to be a “higher order,” so why is the state killing people? The death penalty is wrong, wrong, wrong!

3. Opposition of China to gay rights resolution at the UN in November. Strange list of no votes there: The US, China, Russia, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Catholic Church.

4. Position of some Marxist parties that Obama election represents lipstick on a pig. And would you have opposed Mandela, Ghandi or King or is it just rank anti-Americanism?

5. Failure to bury Lenin’s mummified remains. Let the man rest in peace! Come on comrades this is the 21st century! (and what’s up with all those vampire movies)?

6. Continuing underestimation of the Internet as publishing and organizing tool throughout the so-called “old” left.

7. Slight decline in the on-line circulation of PA, modestly offset by an increase in return unique visitors.

8. No Marxist best sellers on the New York Times list.

9. Failure to end the blockade of Cuba.

10. Inability to get more than five Reds blogging daily. What is the problem? You used to have the biggest mouths on the block!