Monday, January 12, 2009

Celebrate and agitate: Some Inaugural Events

From United for Peace and Justice:

Will you be in Washington next Tuesday?

On Inauguration Day, January 20, the Washington Peace Center - a UFPJ member group - will be hosting 'progressive central' at McPherson Square. There, progressives will join up to help enhance the presence of the peace and justice movement on a day when millions of Obama supporters will be coming to town.

Come meet the progressive community at McPherson Square, 15th St NW between I and K Street! There will be heated tents(!), lots of information, and tons of literature on ways to get involved and make the change we want to see. Many groups will be using this space as a meet-up and kick-off spot.

The WPC is printing up signs to give you the chance to demand your desired change. The signs read, 'Mr. President, I hope for …' People will be invited to write their hopes for the next four years in the blank space provided. These will then be handed out with flyers listing many ways people can get involved both locally and nationally, so this could be a true movement-building day. Stop by McPherson Square to pick up a sign and be part of this movement!

Want to be part of a street team to hand out signs and flyers to ensure that the inauguration crowds who come to be inspired leave with the resources they need to get involved? Email or call the Washington Peace Center at 202-234-2000.

Click here for a calendar of some of the events taking place in Washington, DC around the Inauguration.