Saturday, January 31, 2009

French General Strike; January 29, 2009

2.5 Million Strike in France;
50,000 in Montpelier

by Mike Tolochko

Across Europe and around the world, the 2.5 million French worker and their unions, joined by French people from every walk of life, everyone is happy and encouraged that the fight back against corporate interests is taking place. Reports from newspapers in European and other countries report this support.

The 50,000 in Montpelier was the largest demonstration for many decades.

In this instance the General Strike was against the right wing government of Nicholas Sarkozy; and, also, the right wing policies of the European Union. Was Sarkozy moved. No. He made it clear that his policies would continue.

Now it is reported that the French united labor and political movements will be meeting to take this struggle to another level.

For workers and their unions in the US, unless they caught Internet coverage; or a very brief mention in some media circles, this act of working class rage did not take place.

This is not unusual. Regardless of the administrations in the White House and Congress, the corporate media keeps such working class expressions of rage off the front pages.

Given the struggles taking place in every state of the United States against massive cutbacks; and, our national government dealing with the national financial, economic ad social crisis....organized labor is also planning its next steps.

Stay Tuned.