Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New S-CHIP vote? Take Action

From FamiliesUSA.org:

The CHIP bill, twice vetoed by President Bush, was a truly bipartisan bill that would have:

* Added $35 billion to the program over the next five years to cover approximately 10 million children: 6.6 million children who are currently enrolled and 4 million who will be uninsured without this bill. The majority of the children who would gain coverage under this bill are already eligible for coverage today, but CHIP needs more money to cover them.
* Better allocated funding to states to cover uninsured children and helped avoid funding shortfalls that prevent children from receiving coverage.
* Given states new tools to reach out to eligible uninsured children and get them enrolled.
* Strengthened the CHIP benefit package by guaranteeing dental health and mental health benefits.

Now, with a new Congress, we have a chance to get this right and to make sure America's children can get the health care they need. The details of the bill are being worked out, but we expect a multi-year reauthorization and expansion of CHIP.

Tell Congress: Pass S-CHIP Now