Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Thomas Riggins

Well we have learned lately that we have a global warming crisis and we must do something about carbon emissions (CO2 and other greenhouse gases) or else the earth is doomed.

But we also know that capitalism exists to make profits and that given the choice of making money now and killing off the planet in a hundred years or so, profit now wins.

Environmentalists who had hoped the high coast of oil and gas would limit consumption and help reduce pollution will be disappointed. All over the world governments and companies are turning to coal for new power plants. Coal is the worse of all the carbon based pollution sources-- much worse than oil and gas.

Knowing this one would expect coal to be off limits due to the global warming emergency. But the NYT 5/22/08 reports just the opposite. An article in the Business Section ("A Global Comeback for Coal: Oil Prices Spur a Surprising Surge In Mining Operations" by Martin Fackler) gives the details. The bottom line: oil is getting scarce and expensive, coal is cheaper, there is lots of it, lets get it and use it-- to Hell with the environment.

All the floods, storms, tidal waves, famine, diseases, and deaths resulting from increased global warming will take place in the Third World (hopefully). The tornadoes in the US midland and hurricanes like Katrina are just flukes-- not to worry.

Remember folks, this coming election for CEO of America, Inc. is about us and the economy-- the planet is someone else's problem. You don't agree? Then take a look at McCain's environmental record. He's at the bottom of the barrel as a US Senator, if he becomes CEO of America, Inc. things can only go down hill.

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