Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Change" Happening in the Deep South

He may not be the next member of the Progressive Caucus, but the newest member of the House of Representatives Rep. Travers Childers (D-MS) added to the Democratic majority after a huge victory in a special election May 13 in a traditional Republican stronghold.

Signaling their likely campaign rhetoric for the fall general congressional elections, the Republican candidate linked Childers to Obama and Nancy Pelosi. It would be simply delightful if exit polls could be taken to show that many Mississippi voters must have thought, "Hey, that's right. Childers is like Obama and Pelosi," as they went out to the polls to vote for him.

[Update] In fact according to the LA Times, the Republican commercials played clips of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, attempting to link Childers via Obama to Wright. Obviously Mississippi voters aren't as stupid as the Republicans think they are.

This is the third special election for Congress in the past month or so in which a Democrat has won in a traditionally Republican district, including in neighboring Louisiana and in former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's old district in Illinois.

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