Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Film Review: The Fall

Film Review: The Fall

Eric Green

The Fall
Tarsim Singh

The Fall is one of those movies that you wish could have been done in a different way. All the ingredients were there. They just needed to be put together in a more effective way.

The film takes place in the 1920s, in Hollywood, with the backdrop being the use of stunt men in films. The historic film footages used are very entertaining.

Another interesting aspect of the film is that it was produced over a 4 year period in 18 difference countries and locations. Amazingly, none of the locations was in Hollywood or anywhere in the US.

The plot is a rather simple one. A stunt man falls and gets seriously injured and ends up in a hospital where he is very depressed about his future, not the least of which losing his lover, a key film actor to a competitive actor.

While this character, played by Lee Pace, an young, new actor from the US, born in Oklahoma, is sort of central to the film, young character, about 5 years old, is played by the actress, Catinca Untarn.

Untarn plays a precocious girl in the hospital also due to a fall. She is an incredible actor. Her character is a daughter of Romanian farm workers in Los Angeles.

The fantasy part of the film is quite gigantic. While the footage in the hospital is all black and white, the fantasy worlds of both main characters are gloriously colorful.

Tarsim Singh, the co-writer, director, a financier of the film it is reported has a very well known career in the advertising field in India.

The film has many ups and downs, yes, uneven. It is a good example, why, very creative people like Tarsim Singh, who clearly have plenty of money could have used a different director.

Yet, I would recommend seeing the film. It will hold your attention.

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