Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Terror, Terror, Terror: Chertoff's "Gut Feeling" and the Old Shell Game

"We have to fight them in Iraq, so that we won't have to fight them over here," say Bush and every one of his supporters in order to justify the war in Iraq.

Well that argument appears to no longer be operative. Because according to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's most recent gut feeling, Al Qaeda – who wasn't in Iraq until we got there – is coming.

Well, OK. Chertoff doesn't have any evidence of this. And shouting "terror, terror, terror" may be excessive. According to the LA Times, Chertoff said that he was talking "not of a specific threat but of increased vulnerability."

Of course the Bush administration's refusal to implement recommendations in the 9/11 report may have something to do with "increased vulnerability."

So why do they bring this up? Well there are a couple of reasons: Bush's approval rating has sunk to approximate Nixon's; a report to Congress on "progress" in Iraq will show that none has been made; and Congress is again debating how quickly we should get out of Iraq.

For the Bushies the familiar mantra of terror, terror, terror is a preferred topic of conversation. Why are these guys still in power?

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