Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sarkozy Begins His Reign With Attack on Labor

Sarkozy Begins Attack on Labor

Details are not completely set as yet, but the French Senate has passed a new labor law that would severely curtail the legal rights of workers in France.  This the first step of right wing President Nicholas Sarkozy.   He has consolidated his power on the right be attracting many right wing socialists to his Party.

Under the new law, similar to the Thatcher Anti-Labor Laws, the right to strike will be serverely curtailed.

Under the new pending law, unions seeking to strike must have all their members case a vote, as if they were voting in an election, at a post office, if they favor the strike.  This is 6 or so days prior to the strike date.  

Then, if they strike, after the 6th day, another vote is taken at the place of employment.    Employers will be heavily involved in that vote.

All transport will be affacted as will health and education workers. 

The next step is the Assembly.

Major demonstrations are being planning in France during the first part of September.

Stay tuned.

Mike Tolochko


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