Monday, July 2, 2007

Democrats Score Well on LGBT Civil Rights Survey

Democratic presidential candidates have earned high marks for supporting LGBT equality.

This according to a report released last week by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, examining the positions of the presidential candidates on LGBT issues.

The report looked at the voting records and campaign statements of both Republican and Democratic candidates on issues such as a transgender inclusive anti-discrimination laws, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, lifting the anti-gay military ban, transgender inclusive hate crimes laws, civil unions, domestic partnerships, marriage equality, adoption, and the Federal Marriage Amendment.

The clearest result of the study is that while Democratic candidates have a mixed record on equality for LGBT people, they have shown a willingness to accept the expansion of civil rights.

All of the Democratic presidential candidates scored well across the board in the study, but only Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH) earned a perfect score for his stand on the issues.

The only issue where most candidates parted ways with the civil rights organization was on the question of same-sex marriage. Most candidates oppose same-sex marriage, preferring civil unions or domestic partnerships as a substitute.

On the other hand, Republican candidates appear to be overwhelmingly driven by divisive politics, homophobia, and anti-gay sentiment.

Nearly unanimously, Republican candidates find job discrimination based on sexual orientation acceptable. Most appear to view the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories in anti-hate crimes laws along side race and religion as "special rights." Just about all of the Republican candidates have opposed new funding to promote HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs.

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--Joel Wendland

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