Saturday, May 22, 2010

Greetings to the CPUSA Convention from Fraternal Parties (excerpts)

(The full statements from all the parties will be listed soon at

Japanese Communist Party:

"....We hope that your convention makes an important contribution to advancing struggle to oppose poverty and joblessness, to improve people's living conditions and promote human rights, and to bring about better education health care, and social security services. We also hope it contributes to development of anti-nuclear and peace movements as well as grassroots movements aiming for a change in the U.s> military and foreign policy...."

AKEL (Cyprus)

...."Your Congress is convened under difficult conditions for the working class and the peoples of the world. Humanity is witnessing during the last two years a global economic crisis that constitutes the clearest indication of the failure of the capitalist system....

We therefor consider as very significant and timely the topic you have chosen as the main theme at your congress...."A Call for United Action to Create Jobs...."

Tudeh Party of Iran

...."We wish your 29the congress a full success in formulating your program of action to develop the struggle of the working class of the USA for peace, welfare, social justice and socialism....

We believe that even under the present difficult conditions, the progressive forces are capable of, and have the historical opportunity to oppose Imperialism and create the necessary conditions for a successful struggle for peace and social progress...."

Communist Party of Viet Nam

....The Communist Party of Viet Nam has always attached great importance to the time-tested relations of friendship, solidarity, and cooperation with the Communist Party of the United States of America....."

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