Friday, May 21, 2010

Economics commission report

Program for jobs

In his report, Art Perlo, who chairs the Economics Commission of the CPUSA, called the recession the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

The official unemployment rate, already very high, doesn't tell the whole story. Some 30 million workers or around 21 percent of the workforce are unemployed, underemployed or discouraged workers.

Perlo called for passage of the jobs bill, expansion of unemployment benefits, and strengthening of the social safety net and anti-poverty programs.

Unemployment disproportionately affects African Americans, Latinos and youth.

He noted that investments in the green economy – away from war and prisons – can rebuild the real economy to meet human needs. For example, dozens of cities around the country need expanded public transportation services like buses and trains. Wind and solar energy could meet U.S. demand for electricity and reduce emissions that cause greenhouse gas pollution.

Green development could create 5.7 million jobs.

Education, public health and other social services are being destroyed by budget cuts and layoffs. Real investments in these areas are needed to build the future for society and for the quality of life for all Americans.

He called for rebuilding the social infrastructure to create 11 million jobs, beginning immediately.

Conversion of shut-down factories now to create needed goods could create some 21 million jobs.

He argued that new job creation should be targeted at communities hid hardest by the crisis, especially African American and Latino communities.

New jobs should be union jobs and workers rights should be protected by the Employee Free Choice act.

Perlo called for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and taxing the rich to pay for the investments he described.

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