Friday, May 21, 2010

CPUSA convention -- greetings

Representative of Social Service Employees Union local in New York greets the CPUSA convention.

She explained planned NY state budget cuts that will harm hard-working men in women public employees. "Thus of us who wake up everyday and do the tough jobs are being identified as the problem," she said. She pointed out that the politicians who want to cut pensions mistakenly believe they are gifts to workers rather than the just desert of workers who put themselves on the line to win them.

She added that workers who join in coalition with each other and groups like the Communist Party can protect the needs, benefits and jobs of workers.

"We have to fight back" against the corrupt Wall Street practices that killed jobs and demand we pay for their mistakes.

"If we don't stand together now, it is all going to be lost," she said. "Too many people have gone through too much to give it all away because we're scared of the boss. Not in this city, not in this state, and not in this great country!"