Friday, October 16, 2009

Ghana Wins Major World Cup Match in Cairo

African Country Wins FIFA [Soccer] Under 20 Championships on African Soil

Mike Tolochko

For the first time, Ghana has won a World Cup Championship and they did it on African Soil. And, they did it by beating perennial champion Brazil.

No, it is the World Cup Finals that will take place in South Africa; it is the UNDER 20 year old World Cup; but the enthusiasm seen on ESPN this afternoon shows that 2010 will be a great year for soccer.

Brazil is a 4-time winner of this Under 20 Year old World Cup.

Ghana won the match after the match ended in a zero to zero tie in regulation. They won it in playoff kicks and when the first round of playoff kicks was finished, they went into sudden death.

Ghana won it. Ghana had come close a few times in the last couple of decades, but in 2009, they won it.

The match took place in Cairo, Egypt. One of the main flags around the stadium was, "So No to Racism."

Now, its time for the FIFA World Cup to really get going.