Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Harrison George

We all know George Harrison but let us also remember Harrison George [from TIME magazine 1938]

Press: People's World
Monday, Jan. 17, 1938

Last week Harrison George, who spent 1918-23 in Leavenworth Prison for too violent pacifism, launched the San Francisco daily People's World on $33.000 raised by California Communists. After Chicago's Midwest Daily Record gets under way February 12, People's World will be western link in a cross-country chain of Communist papers anchored to New York's Daily Worker. Almost bare of advertising, first week's issues of People's World gave 20,000 readers a generous three cents' worth of bellicose headlines about "SHIPOWNERS PLOT LOCKOUT" and "Portrait of a Fink." Two of its six pages were crammed with fighting Left editorials. Said one: "If you want a reason for a new daily newspaper, all you have to do is to look at the ones you have. . . . The economic royalists have your daily information sewed up."

Thomas Riggins