Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Netroots Nation: A Social Democratic Moment?

In 2009, a new president and many new members of Congress will come into office—and they’ll face both big problems and powerful resistance to solve them. How can we pass good policy and improve the lives of working families?
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KDelphi said...

We need universal (preferably national) health care--not another "deal" with the insurance companies. If yu've had to file claims anytiem lately, you would realize that no deal can be made with those who wish you would hurry up and die to get rid of "dead wood". But, Dems, afraid of losing campaign contributions, keep bumbling along with half-measures and excuses as to why ther uS cannot do it. What happened to "Yes we can!"? EVERY other CIVILIZED (are we?) country on the planet provides it--the only thing exceptional about the uS that prevents it is GREED! I guess Dems answer again this year is "No, we WON'T!".