Monday, July 28, 2008

Celebrate Medicare's Birthday

Write a letter to the editor about:

Rekindling Reform and UHCAN (the Universal Health Care Action Network) urge everyone who cares about universal health care to take note of a great opportunity - the July 30th anniversary of Medicare's 1965 birth. Medicare's birthday is a time for celebration and action. We hope you'll email a letter to the editor today and call Congress on Wednesday to say, "Please protect and expand Medicare, and let it point the way to health care for all."
Medicare has given seniors and disabled Americans what we all want: secure, high quality care with wide choice of caregivers - and little waste on administrative middlemen. But the insurance industry and its right wing allies are working relentlessly, step by step, at undermining this national treasure, because it is a model of a government program that works, and one that could cover everyone. We mustn't let them dismantle Medicare.

Candidates for the presidency and Congress need to hear voters' demands to preserve and strengthen Medicare. A good way to get that going is to email a celebratory letter today that your local newspaper can run for the July 30 birthday. Below, to help you get started, are three sample letters. You can borrow from them and add or substitute your own words. Be sure to check your newspaper's word limits. A shorter letter has a better chance.

Then, on July 30, let's call our Congress members to say, please protect and expand Medicare, and let it point the way to health care for all.

For a database of contact info for the top 100 newspapers, see