Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Zuma Scores Big Win At ANC Meet

By Joe Sims

Jacob Zuma was elected as the new president of the African National Congress scoring over 800 more ballots than the incumbent Thabo Mbeki. A total of 3983 votes were cast. The voting seemed to roughly repeat the results of the provincial elections meetings. Mbeki joined Zuma on the stage in a show of unity and congratulations, as did all the candidates as results were announced.

The Zuma list’s candidates won each of the six top positions of the ANC, including the current chairman of the Communist Party in the position of secretary-general of the ANC. Mbeki scored the highest vote of losing candidates. The voting patterns suggested that delegates were voting on the basis of lists, with the winners receiving upwards of 2300 and the losers 1500 or less.

Delegates greeted the announcement with songs and dancing. Wednesday will continue with elections for the ruling party’s national executive committee. Commissions on different aspects of ANC policy will continue to meet. No significant changes are expected.

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normandmarkowitz said...

This is interesting and very significant. I would like to know Joe's view of the meaning of Zuma's victory, given the fact that, as I understand it, he has been associated with militant labor and progressive positions and at the same time has been attacked sharply for corruption in the past.